5 Jul 2009

One fine Day;)

"Everyday is a New day... Make the most of it! "

Everyday has its own beauty and in the same way has its own problem! This past weeks here in Sweden was so hot..hot..hot.. that made my daughter got sick;) But the day right after that happened, and when she came back to her good energy again...she wanted to go out after 2 days of just staying home. So, we went outside and enjoyed the beauty of the day;) She was so happy as if she did not had a bad time at all!

Well, its not actully the day that is bad or good. Its up to us how we use it and how we response what the day brings. Its our decision to be happy and enjoy the day or keep lookin' on the problem of the day! By it you cannot see its beauty;)
So... its summer time everyone!
Be happy! Be cool! and Be a blessing!

7 readers digest:

cathara said...

youre right:) i cant agree more :)

teJan said...

hehehe! thanks!

eden said...

well said! have a good day always

onlinemommy said...

Being happy is really decision. Just like what my husband usually says.

nancy said...

hello here... seems like the pretty little girl is having so much fun out with her cute bike. You're all lucky to have such a nice place to spend your summer.

anyway, sis i have posted 2 tags in a row. was thinking of tagging you along. just feel free to grab them when u have time.



Enjoy the rest of your summer time, TC!

Rad said...

Oh my God she looks so cute on her bike. My munchkin keeps asking me to take her training wheels off because she's not a baby anymore "I'm a big girl daddy, I don't need that" :( makes me sad that she's getting so big, you must feel the same way.

You guys are a beautiful family.

Chris said...

wow! she is cute on her bike! :D

anyway, about mommy moments, you can create a post then just put the badge of mommy moments on your post then come to my post of mommy moments every friday to put your link :D

if you want to join last friday's meme, go to http://www.mommyjourney.com/2009/07/mommy-moments-pouting-face.html

hope this helps!

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