3 Jul 2009

Just At the right Time - S2

Your ways are higher than my ways Oh Lord,
my God, and my fortress
to you will I trust!

One of the important part of our lives and is a must.. is to have a good, stable and a good pay job, thats why we tried our best to go to school. And for me this is also one of those that we MUST cling to Gods Will just like on choosing our Lifetime partner (S1) .

We filipinos cannot deny the fact that its really hard to find a good job in our place:( Even if you graduated college,have the qualifications and all), just hard.

After my graduation on college, I was lucky enough that my school offered me a job right away as preschool teacher on the Kinder DEpt. So, I chose to work than getting Board Exam (have not took it until now..hheh) I need it, my family need it! Who will not, tell me! By it, I was already so thankful to God.

But as the years went by... and technology goes higher and higher, I started feeling unsatisfied with what I was doing that time... I mean everything went increasing and my pay became not enough!

So as many did and wish is to work abroad! I thought its the best way... but its not easy to just go and work when you want it! So, I prayed and as usual give everything to Him! Until, I got a chance and went through the hard process. And I was so confident that I can do it because it just came and God knows I want it! Everything was provided by my employer every peny on it. I already announced it to my friends and to the church (testimony) as being positive and claiming..trusting..

I was already thiiiis close...even the embassy told me that 'aupair for sweden is banned and only 10% that I can make it' but till the end I hold on that promise that nothing is impossible with HIm.


I was so down and so ashamed.. I did not want to go home to my province, did not went to church, I cant face the fact and felt so down, down, down and depressed. It seems all the people laughed at me. Then I wondered why God let it happen... I became rebelious and did many things that did not pleased Him. I was in the dark...

Until the time I got married... Until I finally lived here in Sweden.

Then one day my feet brought me to International church here in Sweden and I was so blessed by the preaching about God's way is more higher than our ways. That sometimes we cannot see it!

So then I had the time to looked back...then I realized; yaah, God really has a plan for me to work abroad but His way is the best! Imagine if I was not denied and worked as aupair here, Do you think I could have better than what I am and what I have now??? ah, ah! I dont think so!

Well, yes was so ashamed of what I did... that inspite of what Ive done God still brought me to where I really should be just the best and easy one... Just at the right time!

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