2 Jul 2009

THE Promise;)- sequel 1

"Today, God fulfilled His Promise"

These were the head words on our wedding four years ago!

When I became a teenager then a youth, until even I became a woman and still single, I was not afraid to be left alone because of my simple honest prayer.." Lord, preserve HIM for me" who ever that 'him'..only God knows!

But honestly, when I made that prayer I had a current boyfriend which I thought I love love so much and he as well towards me:) And at the back of my mind goes the prayer of wanting him to be the HIM in my prayer..heheh. please..Lord please.. uh..uh! sounds familiar? In my days, and in my place, the ratio on male to female was 8-1..not funny right? and so i had a feeling of insecurities and it felt like we were so many in my boyfriends life so may the best girl wins!

Well..., the Lord still so kind and gracious to me! He let me enjoys my adolescence and youthful days on that man, sounds like I won..with God we are more than conquerors so to speak. And really thought he was the one for me! He has all the quality i've wanted for a guy. Our relationship took 8years.

But why, when he proposed a marriage I felt unsure and said NO to him?hmm.. for a simple reason, he don't have the quality I wanted for a husband! Then I realized it was not really him. It was my fault why it took so long before I got the right one! We part ways so easy and boring- hope you understand what I mean;) no fights, no third person, nothing at all, just we decided to say goodbye so we can say 'hello';)

Well, at the nick of time God fulfilled His promise! Why because 'He' - the him, has all the posibilities to be with other woman but then, how and when it happen God really preserve HIM for me. He was here and I was there, He is tall and I am cute..heheh(ayaw palag), He is milk and im a coffe, we are actually extreme. I did not dreamed for another race- iba pa rin ang pinoy:) but then I know in my heart and absolutely sure He is the one! And Im so happy having HIM in my life!

When we say ..thy will be done Lord.. it should be His will be done! It might be away from our expectations but surely we cannot regret!

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Analou and Bones said...

Hello Jan. We are on the same path. I also had a boyfriend at that time but the only different is that I know he is not the one. He is very irresponsible and younger than me. When I found my husband I am also not so sure because we are not in a relationship at that time (marami kaming friends niya sa internet)I felt pahihinayang because I have a special feelings for him. God is good he gave him to me and now we are happily married. It's been more than two years ago since we got married and still it felt like yesterday. I bet ganoon din ang iyong feelings. Take care Jan and enjoy.

GeoLis said...

Hi Jan! Was here to read this post and one thing I can say, if the person (your bf) is not God's will in your life, you will not end up with each other. I know because it happened to me too. I had a BF of 4 years but he's not God's will for me. My hubby whom I just corresponded in the internet for 3 months only became my husband because he's God's will for me. We have to be led by the Lord and we must be willing to follow His will in our lives so we would have a better life. God is good all the time!!!

Memory Lane

teJan said...

hi Analou thanks for sharing here.. yah really God is good to us! I know and confident that we are in good hands..heheh! ofcourse that is because God is on our side!

Geolis, yah you are right! but only to us who really trust and ackowledge Gods will. Many who ended up with a wrong partner because they dont let God;) as Ive said, this sequel posts are all about following the will of God in all aspects of our lives;)Amen? heheh.. God bless us!

Thanks so much for taking your time to share coz for sure it will also bless the readers and me myself is so blest;)

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