5 Jul 2009

On that Day...(S3- last)

"I dont know about tomorrow,
I just live from day to day

But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hands..."

These are some lines of a certain song that I like.

Yap we dont know what will happen tomorrow..we might have plans for tomorrow, the next day, the next week..month..year but we cannot tell exactly what tomorrow may bring.

Lately, my husband and I were talking about our future plans. And one of those is my situation. Currently, I am studying and working part time aside from my rule as a mother and a wife (housekeeper). What I'm doing is not easy. Its so 'thin ice' that I tend to fail one or everything. So we decided that I will study full time and stop working specially we are planning to have another child..we think its time!
And again.., even it sounds good, I still ask the Lord's will for my family. I did everything what I should do and leave God the result/decision. By the way, Its not easy to get a job here, specially the schedule that I have now...I was so lucky to have this and I asked for it... So I'm a little hesitant, but anyway whatever the Lord will do then be it.
Now just last week I received the decision on my subjects application and I was only given half of those.. I mean... for full time student, we must apply 4 subjects, but I was only taken for two subjects and the reason, those 2 others are already full. It means, I only have to go to school part time,uh,uh!
Oh..yeah you are right.. its not time yet to let go my work! still dont know.., and am excited for what the Lord will do for my family! I will no longer do stupid things. As I was saying from the Introduction on this sequel story... " Many are the plans on a man's heart but its always God's purpose will prevail"
" And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God to then who are the called according to His purpose" Godspeed! fingers crossed;)

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onlinemommy said...

The title of the song is "I know who holds tomorrow". I also like this song. Very meaningful...

God's plan is always the best. You will never regret if His will for you.

God speed!

teJan said...

yah.. the song is so assuring that we dont have to worry after all.. coz our life is in good hands!

Godbless mommy;)

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