16 Jul 2009

FIVE in a row

"If there's a WILL, there's a WAY"

Just realized... I bought 5 bags already within two months! Oh.. this is no longer normal for me. I mean, my old passion seems back again! My old self, my old original 'me' huhuhu!

I was a 'bag collector' originally... I wanted to see my bags lining up! I might not use them, just wanted to see them there in my room. In fact, until now they're still there! (at our house in Philippines)I hope,heheh

But then, when I got married and got a child, many changes happened! And I thought collecting bags is one of those! I did overcame that nerves for quite a while, but now, oh no... just woke up and realized it came back...maybe. oooh pleassse! not again!

3 readers digest:

nancy said...

hahaha! ok lang yan sis. just a part of being feminine. LOL!

teJan said...

heheheh... no longer practical but well..,:)

CheL said...

Jan lurve the LV...hehehe!

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