18 Jul 2009

Today, 4years ago!

"Sweeter as the years go by"

July 18, 2005... I made a promise to him and he to me that we will be there for each other at all times.And in the presence of our family and friends we let God tied us together and blessed us. I can't imagine how I felt on that time. But so far today, I cannot ask for more;)

Last year, we celebrated our wedding anniversary with my whole family in one of the Island Paradise in Philippines, Boracay. It was fun and so memorable. So this year, we planned to celebrate it in Denmark since we chose this place for our vacation. I was excited. But I was more surprised yesterday when we were already at the pier, my in-laws were there also:) And found out they will go with us to celebrate with us too. I'm so happy because the fact that they were not there personally on our wedding day (distance reason) though I know thier heart and mind were there and also happy for us, now atleast they are with us and we can have time together more closer.

Moreover, my sister-in-law gave us a treat, arranged our dinner in a thai resto here in Frederikshavn and paid everything;) Oh how sweet is that. Thier presence already so much but you see... I really feel so lucky hehe.

Well, the day ends with so much fun and precious time together and satisfied;)

They will go home tomorrow while we will stay here one more day for our whole vacation. But we will visit Frederikshavn Palmestranden first before they'll go! So more fun!

For me, there is nothing more precious time than a time together with family!!! Godspeed!

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S-H-Y said...

WOW congrats net and wish you more years to come with both of you and also having a baby soon..

David Funk said...

Congrats Janet, and I'll always wish the best for you and yours my dear friend!:)

teJan said...

yap! thanks Shy and David! Godbless us all!

marifen said...

wow, very nice weeding, God bless always :)

JETTRO said...

hi tejan sama ka sa forum ng mga pinoy around the globe masisiyahan ka dito member ako dito sana ikaw din
eto yung link

onlinemommy said...

Congratulations Mommy! Mahaba habang marriage life journey pa ang naghihintay sayo :) Nawa ito'y mapuno ng maliligayang araw:)

genial said...

hi tejan.. congratulations for you :) i like your orange blog or something... reminds me... to... heheheh... love you ;)

greetings from Jakarta Indonesia and have a great day :)

teJan said...

hi fe..thanks;)

@jettro, i cant click the link you gave me, hehe but i'll check on it anyway, thanks!

@OM, yap mommy iknow, salamat sa blessing;) Godbless you too!

@genial, jag fattar ingenting vad du säger:) heheh, thanks for visiting anyway!

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