27 Jul 2009

little bit of me:I

In everything give thanks!

Smörgåstorta ................ springrolls,bolabola,friedrice
(swedish food) .................... (pinoy na pinoy)

rice, monggos, driedsquid........ thai food ( filipino also,heheh)
( filipino food)

I can't imagine, I already can eat and do now what I want if we talk about main dishes:) Above are some of the foods (real foods, main dish) that I can eat even straight in a row;) I mean, these are my favorites. Simple Filipino dishes that I love to do and eat..hehe

That smörgåstorta... the seems like a cake is one of Swedish main dish during birthday parties. This is a cake but a special one. At first I thought this is just like a welcome cake when I first attended a party here so I just ate a little, first bec. the food is new to me and 2nd I was expecting something more..heheh and on that day I went home hungry:) aheheh. Because obviously that was it! Now it became my favorite specially now when I knew already how to do it;)

Eat good food everyone!!! mmmm;)

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shydub said...

Ang sasarap naman ng mga pagkain mo dito jan, the srpingroll, rice,bola bola, monngo, thai food more more more hmmmmm the dried squid yummo. The swedish food look so good, I wonder what it taste like and whats in there.

Analou and Bones said...

When I saw your post in my blog list that I follwed, the first pic caught my attention. It looks yummy. Now I'm hungry. I am an eater. I can eat a lot. My body seems small and slender but beware! baka maubos yan at walang matira. Take care my friend Jan and thanks for always visiting my blog.

teJan said...

hahahhaha... you make me a good laugh annalou..hehe yap nakakagutom talaga! swerte mo naman sa katawan..hehe

@shydub... yap, these are all simple foods aside from that swedish food and yet those are so masarap..heheh, that swedish food, is really good but i dont like it at first but now it became my favorite among thier food...and yet best pa rin mga pinoy foods.aheheh luv our own!

teJan said...

ano ba yan!!! " you make me.." you gave me a good laugh... suppose..pano ba e -edit yan!! hahaah nasad! kever!

Jenny said...

Wowow mommy na mommy ka na talaga kasi ang daming dishes na alam mo..hehehe joke..

Anyway ang sarap lahat talaga. One of these days, gawa tayo lahat niyan, as in sabay sabay..hahaha

Faye said...

i want that swedish food. i looks yummy. can you post the recipe? never tasted a swedish food.

teJan said...

heheh.. faye, i will try but there are many kinds and ways of doing it. but anyway, i will try to give you like what I have there(sorry,i cant post the recipe:( these site is not about cooking)..hehe,but i will try to find a way to give you info bwt it.ok?

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