13 Jul 2009


This week starts the three weeks vacation I will have! It feels so good after all those days of working all the time;) Specially, vacation with pay:) heheh. Thats what I like here in Sweden when you have work!

Vacation is a time with family having fun together, being with them all the time! Its also a time for yourself, freshen up physically and mentally then REST... just do what you want! we can sleep all day long if we want!

But... in the other hand;
Vacation could be EXPENSIVE;) the travel if you want to go out of the country;) and even just nearby places you want to explore.. every move cost money! Then the worst, it seems time goes soooo fast, and we tend to think that "oh it will not be long, we'll go back to reality again!"
These things minimizes the beauty, the enjoyment, the excitement of having a vacation!

Hmm.. Im aware on that, so I told my husband we should enjoy the moment we have! This is an oppurtunity so we must use it wisely!

Here are our schedule this week;
Monday... we went swimming in a pool;)
Tuesday... we visited one of the Museum here in Gothenburg called Sjöfartsmuseet!
Wednesday... Slotsskogen.. a forest park.
Thursday... we will visit my mother-in-laws housewagon, its in the Camping area near the ocean;)
Friday... Kryssning on the way to Denmark.. then we'll be there in Denmark for 4days!

Hmm it will be great!!! And fun..fun..fun!

2 readers digest:

egat said...

wow nindota gud ana... pakuyuga ko beh? hehehehe joke!

Jenny said...

Busy busyhan talaga beauty mo girl if summer kasi dami activities. But don't worry even if its expensive, worth it naman eh..heheh..

Enjoy your Demark trip and see you again next week, maybe...

Take care and kram.

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