24 Jul 2009

I'm so Amazed!!!

"For every labor will not be in vain,
if you do it out of joy and respect,
out of happiness and love"

Here they were before, so small and fragile. they don't look good at all. They seems hopeless and dying.

But constant watering and taking care of them, they grew beautifully and healthy. They produces more leaves and small branches and even flowers;) I was so happy seeing the first flower, then was so amazed when the flowers became so many! Every branch has four or more flowers on it and I know this will turn into fruit one day!
Of course, they also went through bad days, so much heat that makes them so weak and dangers from small animals and birds that wants thier flowers and leaves and even thier juice but they were taken care of by me..heheh

So one day...

Can you see that??? the waiting was not so long. I was just excited one morning as I'm about to water them, I noticed that the flower gets dry and about to fall and turn into a tiny little green fruit;) I was so excited and amazed! I'm so glad watching thier growth.hmmm...so excited! if u feel what I feel you will understand! hahahah!

And it wont be long, those other flowers will turn into the same thing and every one gets bigger and bigger and ripe;) The green color will turn into violet then into a red beautiful tomatoes ! oooh! how exciting it would be!

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