1 Aug 2009

little miss messy

This is my first entry on Mommy Moments;) Im so excited hehe.

mommy moments

Today's topic and my first topic in Mommy Moments is about our kid's messes..kid's cuteness in other words heheh.
My little Princess Laikka has so many messes, but I know everyone experienced it. Its normal..hehe. Its a little work in our part as mother.., but oooh I love their cuteness when it happens. It puts a smile in our face. This pix here was during her first year birthday! She has her own first cake that only her should eat and enjoy! hahah! It was a mess! We had to take her a bath in the middle of the party because cakes and cream were all over her body and to her hair. (click the pix to see clearer). But I always smile every time I remember it.
As she grow older now, I noticed she's kind of a messy one;) Maybe because I am..hehe! Many times I captured those moments but I can't find it yet on my photo gallery.( already so many pix..hard to find) But I will insert those here when I got it found.
Lately, here is her room that I titled before, 'her kingdom' but now it turn into 'her jungle'. I always tried to keep her toys into right places and fix her bed and everything, but maybe in a couple of minutes..there she goes again. I tried also to teach her how to keep her things after playing and even warned her that I will throw away her toys and give her room to other child if she will not behave, she will just say 'okey'! ;) hmmm.
She has done messy things these past days, specially there are already so many things she learned or want to do and learn. One day while she was with her dad to wash the ca. While daddy is washing outside she was busy inside. she found a pen tel pen and write lines all over the car seats cover, in the handle of our car and every space inside..almost! huh! what a heck! and one time she wrote on her legs, face, she said she's coloring(i will paste the picture when i find it)
Then.... lately, while we were in Jenny's place. While we were busy , Laikka was into something also, then when we found out she already writes lines on jenny's pictures (family pictures, worse;) oh no! I was so... uuuhhh! Jenny is so understanding but it was a shameful mess to me! (sorry jenny talaga, I'm blessed with your understanding, you will be a good mom someday so soon:)).
Anyway, that's really part of their growing up! Theres no excitement without it! As it is said; Child is child!:)

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Jenny said...

I'm not a mom yet but i know how you feel and about the pictures, it was really no problem. I understand that she's a baby. NO need to make pagalitan to her. Just words..hehehe

As my husband said, the baby will always be the baby..hehehe so don't make galit...just smile and kotkot sa ulo..hahaha

Chris said...

welcome to mommy moments! :D

truly a mess... but as we say.. its just a phase... :)

by the way, dont forget to put your name and URL at the linky for your post so other moms can drop by too!

teJan said...

thanks jenny.., as i said you will be a good mom i knew it! and thanks for the pics ill post the family pix. hehe!

chris..thanks for guiding how to do it! hehe. till the next!

S-H-Y said...

Hala ka oi ka cute nlng ni laikka, dali lng jd ang panahon ba dako na si laikka basin next year net taas pa na nimo laikka lol..

teJan said...

yap! mao bitaw, she's big now so we will make another little one:) hehe

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