27 Jun 2009


Something useless to someone can be precious to others,
and something best to someone can be bad to others!

The whole week has been so bright and sunny! So hoooot under the sun! And Swedish people are enjoying and rejoicing every moment of it! They look so happy and alive! It seems they just woke up from a long sleep!Every one want to stay outside and they feel so sorry if they have to work inside! They longed to be free from work as to go out anywhere and have pleasure with Mr. sun! they want to have color! they want to have tan skin and the sun can give it!

But for me, its so much! Too much sun gave me pain on the skin and head ache:( Makes me uncomfortable and make me sick!. One day, while I was on the train station waiting for the train together with some others, I stayed on the shadow, and almost everyone looked at me with a strange expression on the face! Then, one speak up and said to me, " why you hide in the shadow? come out in the sun!" hahaha, so I realized,.. thats the reason why they looked strange at me, they wonder among all people there who want to be out, there I was hiding from the sun! So, I just smile and said; " I don't need more color anyway, I already have a nice and natural brown complexion.. hehhe! And then, she said.. oh yaah!!! Any--way!And left me alone! hmmmp!

But one most sad that happened this sunny week was that my dear little girl got fever! She vomited while playing under the sun at school yesterday! Her body was not able to take so much warm yet! And I was so worried cause she didn't want to eat the whole 24 hours! just water she drinks, which is good! But she still so weak and I was not able to sleep the whole night taking care of her! This morning she still so warm, weak and don't want to take her medicine so I did the same native first aid I knew in Philippines; I put a cold towel on her forehead then I rebuked the fever away from my daughters body! Then she went to sleep, praise God when she woke up, she ask for water and then food! I did a porridge while she slept and so I gave her when she asked for a food. She eats almost all that I gave then drink her medicine after eating! And thank God she is much better now! And hope it will get better and better!
Its not easy having your child get sick!
Its still sunny weekend today...
We are just here inside our home while others are there outside partying;)
I will try to take some sleep now while my princess is asleep!
Take care everyone! Have a nice day!

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Rad said...

Awww, poor thing she looked so tired and worn out. I hope she feels better quick. Be careful not to get yourself sick with all the hugs and kisses, it happens to me whenever my daughter gets sick.

Good luck

teJan said...

ohh yah.. seems like it! well, shes feeling better today.. she already played and eat well! thanks for the concern my friend! Godbless!

Chris said...

hope she is feeling better! i have an award for you at Inspirational Insights hope you can pass by to grab it!

Dhemz said...

oh no...poor little girl....hope she feels better soon...great job Mami for taking care...:)

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