24 Feb 2011

CC: Hearts Everywhere

I don't understand directly what this topic means..hehe so I had to read other entries first and find it so sweet reading their posts.
Rodliz’s Nest
Well, I understand that we have to talk about our feelings towards our partner. When we're inlove it seems like hearts are flying everywhere. It's like the aroma of what we felt to someone went out and bubbles in a form of hearts. Well, from the time I was at the airport waiting the plane to land and waiting for him to comeout, it was butterflies in the stomach that were present that time. And it seems they were everywhere, and then when he came out and when our eyes met then those butterflies changed into hearts that flies around the two of us! Oh so in love:) Even our eyes as we look each other already became a heart form!! hhahahah!
Well, hopefully, even until now may our couple lives still full of hearts everywhere, at anytime, and at any situation! Happy CC everyone!

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Mommy Liz said...

Isa pang kinikilig to, bwahahaha! ganon? butterflies ang feeling mo bago kayo nagkita? then nagliparan ng makita mo na siya, as in..di ba kapag in love tayo parang ang korni, pero ganon talaga eh. di makatulog, di makakakain, tagyawat sa ilong, pati na sa pisngi, hehehe..

teJan said...

ganun nga sweet liz..hehehe

Jona said...

hahaha! parang si olive oyl puro hearts ang nakikita pg kaharap si popeye :D
CC:Hearts everywhere
A Time To Weep and A Time To Laugh

Lina Gustina said...

it's so sweet :)


ACmomCee said...

ang sweet!!! purp puso! hehehe... HERE'S MINE

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