9 Feb 2011

CC: I know I love you before I met you!!!

Just bump to a friend's site for a visit then noticed its CC time once again and today's topic is 'When he told me he loves me'
Rodliz’s Nest

Okay, Do I need to run down and review my emails from him so I know when and what letter he wrote the 3 magic words? heheh. Oh so bad I can't remember. Since we knew each other through mails and phonecalls I can't remember exactly when he told me he loves me. But in my part, I knew I love him before I met him:) Oh, wait! it was me I think who said it first. Oh men... I was so westernize, tsk,tsk! Swedes usually don't say that words until they mean it! And until they really knew the girl very well. So, I know he didn't say it right away even if my picture strucks him already from the very beginning:) And we filipinas won't either but I think I did because I was informed by my aunts that they also like it most if we are open to what we feel.

Hmm..I'll ask my husband..wait!

Me: Honey, do you remember when you said you love me?
My husband : Yup, when you said on one of your letter that you love me!

waaaaaa! I knew it! Ok, atleast I was so happy because even if I dared to say it first, he responded right away that he also do love me long before:) And he don't waste his time writing and sending me money for net cafe so I can reply if he didn't love me from the start!

Uh! Love...

8 readers digest:

Anne said...

ka sweet oi... agoy2x!

teJan said...

hahaha...perti jud ka agoy-agoy anne:)

Mommy Liz said...

hehehe! galing ah.. oh di ba? ang pagiging open at assertive eh maganda ang kinakalabasan, 2 beautiful daughters. si hubby din eh, sabi nya, he won't say he loves me unless he means it, kaya inabot kami ng ilang months before siya nagsabi, kahit atat na atat na akong sabihan sya, pinigil ko ang aking sarili, hahaha..

Dhemz said...

agoy ginoo...kiligon man sad ta dire...eehhehe!

teJan said...

@liz.., hahhaha, hindi ko na napigil eh! but it was a dare, either ma mis interpret or yon lucky me siguro maganda yong transition ko..heehe! makabasa nga sa letter na yon..hahah!

meretrisha said...

naks naman! hehehe i like your story. :-)

simply kim said...

oh, it doesn't really matter who said 'i love you' first, what matters is.. you are happy with each other, right?

Jona said...

you make me sing with your title!
hahaha :D you sounded funny...yet heartwarming ang love story nyo
<a href="http://www.heartifying.com/2011/02/11/couples-corner-first-time-he-told-me-loves-me/”>my CC is here.</a>

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