3 Feb 2011

It's been FIVE years!!!

Time passed just like that! One day when you wake up, you will be amazed how far you've gone already. Typically, some of the words that comes out to our mouth are; " wow, time passes so fast" or " it just seemed like it was yesterday:).." And then when we recall all those years we have different responses! whether or not a wonderful years or a long losts years.

Five years ago today, I landed safely at Landveter Airport Gothenburg Sweden. And I hold my first snow also that day:)Emotions were there, and the hope of a new life, new beginning was present. And then, I am lucky! It was really a marvelous years I had together with my husband. And now after five wonderful years, I can say my life is complete! With my two wonderful daughters, I already have this family I can call my own:)!

Thank you Lord for all those years and the coming years ahead!

10 readers digest:

rjs mama said...

happy for you sis =)

teJan said...

thanks sis...hehhe, I remember that first picture I was so nervous looking for the door..hehhe

texas_sweetie said...

congratulations on your 5th year sa Sweden inantosay sa kalubong sa inyo snow diha. kita kita ra diay no, ako pud mag 5 years next month nig 13 pero ma homesick pa gyapon usahay.

P.S ka lakas gud ni Mr. G oi dakua man sa PR... i thought ga ilis ka ug new blog or ga puno lang??

tagay beh sa ikalimang tuig, asa man kaha ug unsa may itagay?? naa kay pirik pirik diha?

Lina Gustina said...

5 years already? So glad to know that you have a happy life there :)


teJan said...

@ann..hahhah pirikpirik diay bahal..heheh!
day nag puno lang ko blog kay nadomdoman raman ako mga acct.heheh dagko pa jud PR..hehe..visit u later!

Dhemz said...

awwwwwwww....mau paka te kay after 5 years nana ka duha ka bundle of joy....:)

anney said...

May God shower you with more blessings!

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Wow! So long...5 years in Sweden. :-)

I also want to go there and touch Swedish snow.

analou said...

5 years that's amazing! Time runs very fast jud Jan. Have a nice day.

kat said...

wow 5 years na diay ka diha Jan? unang taak pod nako Sweden, snow pod..as in gray and white ang paligid...ask gani ko sa ako cousin if asa padulong ang mga snow if mawala na nyahahaahaha.

oi, didto ko sa imong Everyday..wa man update didto nyahahaha.

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