6 Feb 2011


Being thoughtful is not about riches or having lots to give, its about character. Thoughtfulness can be showed by giving something like special things, flowers, and cards during special occasions. It can be shown also by asking someone how is he/she's doing, if she feel good or what. And by showing symphaty even emphaty to the people you love and cared for.

I can say my husband is thoughtful. He always asks and check me and the children everyday even he's at work if we're doing fine. He always think about us more than himself. And even to his family he also did. Last friday, I was a little angry with him why he was late going home, but then when he arrive home I understood why..he dropped by the store to buy flower for me and couple of my favorite chocolates since it was my day five years ago arriving Sweden. Oh..I was so touched.

His thoughtfulness carried me through!!! Have a blessed sunday every one!!

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Bangchik said...

He is thoughtful indeed.... Just wonder what were you really going to say if he came home late without flowers that day... haha.

teJan said...

hehe...i'll say nothing...and thats what he hates, when i keep silent..hehehe!

James said...

See Tejan!!! Everytime I read one of your articles, and the other night, I must have spent hours on your blog, but it is articles like this one which makes me certain that I was right about you as a person and someone who is very special inside. Congratulations on your wonderful blog that spreads beautiful thoughts to people around the world. Take care..... Always James

Dhemz said...

you deserve it tejan...so sweet of your hubby...he's one of a kind!

te, tagae ko tanan sa imong mga blogs, para add nako sa akong mga blogs pod...tagae ko tanan para sayon ra pag add...will give you mine too...:)

chubskulit said...

wow ang sweet , love the daisy!

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