17 Feb 2011

An urgent need of eyeglasses!

Lately I have a problem on my head aching but bearable. Its just disturbing and my eyes easily watered. So, I bet the head ache I have has something to do with my eyes. I really need to have an eye wear. I have actually an eye glasses but it seems it don't work already. When we were in Philippines we went to an optical for check up and they said my eyeglasses already need to be updated because the grade of my eyes is getting higher. But because the prices of their eyeglasses are quite expensive we were not able to but a new one.

I just bear the inconveniency of seeing specially blogging, its hard to stay in the computer for so long. My eyes can no longer hold. Good news I found this online optical where they sell affordable eyeglasses in many different kinds and color that fits you. As I look on their sortiments, many nice one that I like and which I know fits my profile. And the frameless one I like the most. It reminds me my first eyeglasses.

Maybe some of you out there also needs one? Check them out, they have the most affordable yet good quality and styles I ever know.

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, thanks for the information. We can compare their prices with those sold in opticals at the malls. I may have to upgrade my eyeglasses too. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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