18 Feb 2011


When you are a stay home mom in a country that seems everyone in your neighbor have their own lives and almost all your time spent only on household chores and taking care of your kids, you will be sick socially and emotionally, well gradually..hehe! So, we are really advised to do something else aside from being home. Either we'll join a group of housewives or mommies that meet together for a healthy living or getting together with friends once in a while!

I am so lucky though that I have friends to hang out with, since I am on leave now taking care of my new born baby. Otherwise, I will be paranoid or depressed just staying home:) So rain or shine, snowing and freezing as long as there's an invitation of getting together, I will be there:) Whether in my place or in a friend's place or even meeting in the city and window shopping together or in some special place as long as we get together it's fine!
Here are some moments of our getting together;
at Lina's place
this is at my crib:)
at the mall just window shopping
neneng's house..so far from our place but we were there!!!

there's an event this time we attended

Yeah,there are familiar faces, they are my partners in crime!hehe!

3 readers digest:

Laikka said...

perti si sarah nga buntis kay very gwafa though dako ang tiyan:) :)

RicAdeMus said...

I don't know why, but women in white coats look like princesses to me.

teJan said...

hhahahha..oh Rick it feels like a princess too wearing white coats I dont know why also..hahaha!

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