15 Feb 2011

How much is too much???

Lately, I've noticed that my princess syndrome attack again. And I blamed it to the hormones that is controlling sometimes on my feelings. People near me knows how spoiled I am to my husband. Almost everything I wanted and needed he really gave. But I don't ask if i know he can't..well thats what I thought. Then, I thought I'm a changed woman now. I thought I'm already maturing cause I now understand the seriousness of life. I'm an 'easy go lucky' girl originally but I can see a lot of changes on me now that I got married and have children.

But then lately I felt so guilty with my husband. I again asking him something impractical and so expensive. I asked an apple laptop. He wanted to buy me a new computer but I said no if its not 'apple' . He said we have no money for it this time and I even said 'I can wait'. But everyday I know I was bagging him about it that cause him pressured. I can feel his wanting of giving me what I want but he can't this time since we just visited Philippines and I also want my mother to come and visit here with me in Sweden which of course it needs a lot of money. Oh! what have I've done! Am I already being unreasonable? Am I already asking too much? Yes I think so.

I have no sleep last night thinking and feeling so guilty and so ashamed! I asked sorry to my husband, I told him I don't want that laptop anymore and I blamed it to the hormones the way I behaved lately..hehe. He just smile and I can see he is relieved. He just hug me and said he love me anyway the way I am!

3 readers digest:

sarona gracia said...

Everything has his own time gang, God is good!
good day!

teJan said...

na mao man..hehe! musta na new blogger..hehhe

RicAdeMus said...

Princess Syndrome!!! Noooooo! ;P

I'm glad you defeated it. You're such a wonderful person, much, much too good to act like a princess.

Is my page harder to read now? I thought it was easier for most people because the print was so small on the old format. Maybe I should play with it a little bit more.

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