21 Feb 2011

Prolonging the feeling!

Its been more than one month now since we arrive home from a six weeks vacation in Philippines. Its like it was just yesterday we were there with my family,chatting and laughing with nonsense jokes and childhood history, eating filipino foods, visiting beautiful places..in short just relaxing. And when we were about to come back home here in Sweden, it felt like heavy and tired to come back to reality:)

But then, to avoid the feeling of homesickness? What did I do to prolong the good feeling? or the feeling as if I'm still in Philippines is that I cooked and ate filipino dishes these past few weeks almost everyday and hanging out with filipina friends. So when I'm with them and with the filipino foods in the plate then it feels like I'm still in Philippines..hehhe its one good way to prolong the feeling. Try it!

4 readers digest:

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Wow mom, na miss mo agad ang Pinas. :-D

Mukhang pakbet po yang nasa pic ah.

simply kim said...

that's right, girl! sometimes, we have to make the most of what we got..

Dhemz said...

6 weeks diay mo sa atoa? tawon kami 2weeks lang man pede kay ang work sa bana...walay sweldo kung taas ang vacay namo...lol!

agoy galuya ko ug tan-aw...kalami ba lamang!

teJan said...

hhahahha...yep pakbet po yuan darling at galing pinas pa ang uyap jan...hehe! dhems and kim..yes..hehhe!

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