14 Feb 2011


These 3 words means a lot but sometimes abused and misused:) I just hope that everyone out there were reminded today about this thing called LOVE on what and how it means to you. I hope everyone had a nice time together with your loveones and let your heart be glad this day no matter whats the situation.
Everyday I thank the Lord for you Mr. Lars Göran Björlin. You always makes my heart happy and satisfied! And I want to shout to the whole world that I love you so and I would never be tired of saying that:)

To all my friends here, I hope you had a happy valentines day ! Make your everyday full of love to fight the energy that is full of hate! And in everything, Let God's love ruled you! Godbless!

3 readers digest:

James said...

Tejan, yes today is a special day, and I've been in the mood for poems. I hope you can stop by and read a few more articles and check out the latest poem. I wish you and your hubby a very wonderful Valentine's Day.. and hope that you get some time away for the two children to simply enjoy each other.. James 'Poems from the Heart'

MaxiVelasco said...

Hello Janet! Without a doubt, the two of you look perfect together. Laging masaya! I am so happy for you and syempre sa iyong Mr. Right.

Happy belated Valetine's Day!

Syangapala.. I left a comment on your other post. Yung iyong The Photo That counts A Thousand na post. Hugs!

teJan said...

Yes maxi thanks. I visited your site but there's a problem in your comment box:)I 'm not sure if you got it!

@James..thanks for the info..i'll check it out!

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