26 Feb 2011

Health Inconvenience!

From childhood, my sinusitus has been my problem. I can hardly breath, my head aches and so disturbing. It will attack when it's so hot while I was still in Philippines and now that I'm already here in cold place, it will also become worse when its so cold and I have no enough warm on me.

Yesterday, we went to the city commuting and my jacket has nothing for the head then it happened to be so cold. Today, when I woke up in morning my head already so heavy and my nose as well. Thus, I knew my sinusitis problem attacks again. Oh I feel so sick and disturbed by this. Got to hold my nose to ease the pain.
Have a blessed sunday everyone!

3 readers digest:

S-H-Y said...

na parehas ra ta ani, ako gani förskild og gikalintura, may nlng karon ni arang2 na ako paminaw kay naa ra ko sa kama...


RicAdeMus said...

Wow, what a cutie!!! I'm sorry, what was this post about??? =)

teJan said...

hheheh...Rick, just an info that I feel something disturbing and I have pain and if somehow there's somebody there who has tips on what to do about it!

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