26 Feb 2011

Reality Check!

I really gain so much weight!!!

It has so much on sale in many stores nowadays since change weather already approaching. Spring is coming hopefully:) It's been so cold the whole week here and sometimes I ask if summer will still come..hehe. Anyway we, together with my aunts did window shopping the other day and happened to find a store which sales their products so much cheaper from the original price. Even their products which are famously expensive, has trade mark logos from the best logo designers we can say has been down like 80% lesser. We were so happy, my aunts were so happy because they(the store) have small sizes, I mean good for asians like us. But then when I tried those pants which I thought my size, I was so frustrated because it just get in until my knees, huhuhu.

I feel so sorry with myself. It was a reality check that maybe its time to watch out my diet. Many areas will be affected and its frustrating and sometimes it costs.

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