9 Jun 2009

Watch your W.A.T.C.H

Watch your...

W- word
*remember we are judge by the words that comes out from our mouth
A- action
*this will speak more than words as we knew
T- tongue
*this is a small thing that can make you or break you!
C- company
*whoever your friends are its what you are also
H- heart
*the so fragile part and the most luring;)

It was pretty long ago since I heard these shared by a youth leader in our church Ms Diane but since then I have it in my mind and heart! I was so blessed by these, and many times these things reminds me to watch out.

If it blessed me, hope it will bless you also! Godspeed!

2 readers digest:

S-H-Y said...

Yes friend your absolutely right...

teJan said...

hehe.. thanks for reading shy.. just want to share what I heard and knew which I think is good and useful for our adult lives;) Good day!

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