11 Jun 2009

Dream BIG dreams

"the poorest in the world,
is not those who have no money
but those who has no dreams;)"

And why is that??? because dreams are free and so no reason why you cant have it! Well, I might not rich with money but Im so rich with dreams! Im kind of -d' dreamer:)

I remember when I was young... together with my brother we dreamed big things out from our young minds! We just lived in a barn and we had to work hard for our food every meal even we were still too young for it! But we had to helped our parents so we can moved on!

One day, while we were pounding the grains to make it a fine rice, my brother was talking as many impossible things that comes out from his mind like "when I grow up I will build a biiiiig house for mama and papa" I will buy biiig colored TV:)" and then I second the motion, "yah.. and then I will be the one to buy nice sofa, component, refregerator..." and the like! and then we laughed after.. then he shouted! "give me the power to be superman" hahahah.. that was so funny in my memory! Even now when all flash back to my mind, I cry and smile:) double emotion!why???

Coz' then I thought it was just the result of our tiresome and hardships. I thought it was just a dreams and will remain a dream... but they're not! Because all of those dreams came into a reality! Amazing as it is but Im now proud to say that my brother, my poor cool brother had already done what he said before! he is now a civil engineer and a contractor and therefore to build big houses and even buildings is what he does. His first project was our house:) And I also did what I said before!heheh, to put things on our house and make my family live a life that is comfortable!
And one big dream I had before( my family also knows this) that is about to be realize is " to travel around the globe:) Before, it seems sooooo imposible! In our situation? hmmm but at least I had a dream. Traveling and adventures is really my thing, so even just anywhere nearby I wanted to explore! But then now??? look! my dream begins to come true! Ive been already in few different countries and next month we will be in Denmark for one week;) isn't it great???? And Im still excited what else will I experienced!

I realized, With God in your side??? really nothing is impossible! Thats our family secret actually! If the world has so much PROBLEM? God has so many PROMISES!

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S-H-Y said...

Yeah your right to dream is free it doesn´t matter even you are poor or rich, Im sure everybody has a dream. You are both lucky because you fulfilled that dream you had when you we´re young, Im sure it not only GOD who do it, it also in yourself how determain you are in your dream.. I think it doesn´t matter if you are poor or rich the matter is how determain you are to have that dream.. For me I still have a lot of dream but one if my dream has fulfilled to have a loving husband and family...

teJan said...

yah shy... thats also one of my big dreams to have a lovely family and i got it also as you knew;) heheh! and... for me, even how determined I am but without God on my side I am nothing! So its two way.. partnership! and I recommend to all to be God as the partner! Coz with Him nothing is impossible! Its guaranted!winks!

Rad said...

Never stop chasing those dreams, no matter what. I still have dreams of being a professional sports writer and owning a big house so I can watch my daughter play in the backyard with all of her friends. Nothing is impossible, we oly get 1 life so we have to live it up to its fullest.

Great post Janet

teJan said...

oh thanks Rad:) yah you are absolutely right!, never stop dreaming until our dreams will no longer a dream but a reality! God bless dear friend and a kiss to your daughter!

Jenny said...

Dreaming is part of life so don't stop dreaming even if you have already some of it. I'm happy that some of your dreams as well as your bother's dream is happening now. I know also that some of your greatest dream is also happening now.

Keep it up my friend and good luck for more dreams. God will give you not all your dreams but almost all...See yah..

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