6 Jun 2009

Free and Healthy it is!

"Smile is the best way to start a new day!"

wacky smile;)
Like mother, like daughter smile:)

cutest smile

simply professional smile

Fatherly loving smile:)

Hmmm... whatever kind of smile as long as you smile it makes a difference. It will make people happy, it get away wrenkles in the forehead;) it keeps out problems, pressures and stress, it makes us younger..heheh! And many more!

What else Smile can do??? comment!!! hurry;) so everyone is happy!!!

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Jenny said...

sometimes smile can make other people think negative..hehehe..(baliw)...joke

Smile to make you feel satisfied of life whatever it is.

SMile in a way of catching other attentionsssss?hehehe or smile to make other smile back at you... or...many more....dami eh

S-H-Y said...

WOW nice au imo family Net, be proud of it! Kami himo pod me next year og little angel hehehe..

teJan said...

next year ba..now na! hehe! ma imagine na nako sar nice sad ug smile imo little one kay you got the pretty smile also! keep on smiling gurl!

S-H-Y said...

Next mn pa kay muoli pa ko oi...lisod muoli og butod kay d kakiat.. hehehehe... I hope so and thanks friend..chege lng ko katawa ani pra mubata hehehe..

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