19 Jun 2009

angel of mine

There's this girl...

She captured the eyes of everyone
Even captivate the heart of my loveone.
By her innocency she owns the world's pleasure
And even wins those lives under pressure

She has the beauty beyond description
She cries, she laugh, she smiles
She can sing and dance and play as well
And smart enough to follow direction

She's my little girl and my princess
The apple of my own eyes
She's my boss and yet my helper
The best gift ever

She is her papa's little darling
And her friends favorite playmate
She is an angel of mine
And this girl calls me "mama"

5 readers digest:

Imelda said...

aptly said she really is an angel. enjoy ur weekend!

S-H-Y said...

I don´t know yet how does it feel to be a mom..hopefully next year hehehe..

nancy said...

she's so adorable!

teJan said...

nancy and imelda thanks.. yes she is really wonderful..heheh! and to shy, yes you can have mah friend if you will! goodluck then! so i can welcome you to the club;)

David Funk said...

That angel of yours is so beautiful and adorable! I like the sunglasses in the picture, too.:)

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