22 Jun 2009

Unexpected Blessings

"And the Lord will supply all your needs according to His riches and glory!"

Today is really a blessed day for me and my family! I'm so happy and I cannot thank so much to the great provider! Im so amazed and a little guilty because sometimes even if we already knew and had already experienced many times God supplied our needs but still when we are in a situation, still we worry so much.

These past few months, we encountered problems on our economy! Our budgets went so wrong and down. First because we just transfer into a bigger family apartment! So changes went so fast, everything had to cost much bigger than the usual! Plus, our car was in trouble (already old:) needs new..hehe) and much more to mention that cost money! That instead of saving we seemed spending much!

Im so much positive than my husband in this case but still inside of me Im so affected and worried:( But I dont want my husband to see it! And as I always do.. I went back to the Promises instead of thinking the Problems.

But this afternoon, while I was at work, my husband called with the information about how much it cost to fix his diver's watch and other stuff on diving! Finally, I pissed out and felt so weak! I was so disturbed and can't work good! So, right there I whisper a prayer and claiming God's promises.

Then... just after an hour from a problem call comes an answered prayer call. My husband called again informing me that there's a mail from tax government for me.. so I let him open it, and I thought he's just kidding me that I got tax return that much! I just expecting for a hundred from them but he said thousands, so I hurried home and found out he is telling the truth! See... its half more than we need! Isnt it great???

Like what I said; If the world has a lot of problems, God has a lot of promises!

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S-H-Y said...

WOW! what a blessed day, good for you mah friend. sometimes when we need something, and when we don´t expect something good happen, it feels so good inside, but we need to be ready because not every surprise is a good things, have a great day!

Gigie said...

Hi, I am so blessed with your testimony! We live by faith not by sight! I felt the same! we encounter different circumstance but we never lost hope because God is out hope.
Thanks for visiting my site and now i can link and follow you every now and then! nice to share thoughts and blessing! God loves you.

Chris said...

God is great.. no matter what the circumstances are! :)

thanks for putting my button on your sidebar by the way!

onlinemommy said...

even if we already knew and had already experienced many times God supplied our needs but still when we are in a situation, still we worry so much. <-- this statement is true... We tend to forget that our God is the Maker of everything.

Thank you for sharing your blessing :) God Bless!

nancy said...

this is a very inspiring post. hanga naman ako sa faith at sa lakas ng loob mo. wala ako nyan eh... i don't have patience at ang dali kong ma discourage. hay... i really need lots of motivation like this. thanks ha. :-)

gleenn said...

that's really great! :)

teJan said...

oh thank you guys that you were blest too, inspired and challenged! we can just believe and everything goes fine with God on our side;) God bless us all!

Rad said...

Hey Janet, with faith and prayer there is always a way. You guys look really happy in the picture, I'm sitting here at work and now I miss my wife more than ever :) This is really great news and you deserve it.

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