7 Jun 2009

Look Who's Talking!!!

"Intelligence counts a lot.
But personality speaks even before your mouth proves
the power of your brain."

Everytime I met new people, first thing that Im observing is the way she/he speaks;) Its usually by the way people speaks personality shown. Take note not by what she/he talks about but the way people talks. There are some who dont talk so much on first meeting but there are some also that are so loud and talkative, that as if you already knew each other for a long time;) I always heard before; that those who are not afraid to speak up are smart ones. I mostly heard it from my mother and teacher. As I grew older and loud.. I realized that they just told me so to make me not to become insecure and shy, to make my self-confident, strong and stable. For the fact that I am a small kind of creature..hehhe.

Now, I learned that there are two kinds of loud people, those who are smart and those who are blabber mouthed. Those who are smart speaks with knowledge! But those who are blabber mouthed speaks how knowledgeable they are!

Well, what do you think? Have you experienced something familiar? Do you know someone that thinks she is intelligent but now you realized she just have a blabbermouth? ("pamati" kung sa bisaya pa?)

Remember; "Small people talk about people, but smart people talk about oppurtunities and current events!" HAVE A NICE MONDAY!!!

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