9 Jun 2009

Award fro shy;)

Hmm.. got this beautiful award from my cute friend sarah ;) Thanks sar for believing on me, heheh! Well, I love to pass this to my new friends Rad on daddysport, Toni of course, rafael and cutella. Happy blogging friends!

4 readers digest:

sweet_shelo said...

nice award dear,, u deserve it!!!

Jenny said...

Maganda na yong layout mo...atleast madali lang nagawa agad ni Sarah...

J is for Jealous

A is for Astounding

N is for Neglected

E is for Enjoyable

T is for Tame

teJan said...

thanks jen for giving this name meaning.. hehe! Im Zealous but not jealous though, and hej Im not neglected either, instead im so much loved! heheh for the record!

Rad said...

Hey Jen, Thanks so much for the award. I am truly honored to be mentioned here. Congrats yourself for receiving the award also.

Have a great day

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