3 Jun 2009


"Love makes a Friendship"

We tried to give countless meaning for A FRIEND! Sometimes depends on what we feel, or what we see or what we experienced or even what kind of friend we have and what kind of a friend we are.

In my younger years, I had a friendship journal, there I wrote all about friends and friendship! Everytime I read or heard about it, I wrote on that journal, and even my diary with my bestfriend is there. One of my favorite there is this;

F- is for the Feelings when Im with you

R- is for how Radical you are

I- is for your Individuality

E- is for your Ever loving care

N- is for your Never ending thoughtfulness and

D- is coz I Die without a FRIEND

Hmm.. its so simple but complete! isnt it?? Oh how I miss my journal, but even its not with me now but those words there still in my mind! Probably, thats the reason why I have so many friends! hehe, but we only have one bestfriend!

Our best friend could be our mother or father, it could be our husband/wife, it could be our sister/brother, or it could be someone else! For me and my brothers, we call ourselves BBF, bestfriends forever! coz we grow, we laugh, we cried, we fight for life TOGETHER! and it will remain like that!

And there are so many sayings as well, like.."tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are" sounds familiar? And theres also that says; "A friend is closer than a brother."..and many more... But...?!

What really is FRIENDSHIP?
What does it mean???
What does it mean to you???

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Jenny said...

what a nice meaning of friendship. for me friend has different meanings. True friend or loyal friend can be different also. It's all up to us when we can call them a true or loyal friend.

How could you count me as your friend,friendship?hahaha joke.

Sköt om dig...

teJan said...

yah you are right lovely jen;)your bestfriend must be true and loyal..hmm it could be! but sometimes, even if they have so many weaknesses and down side but if you yourself is a true friend..those sometimes dont matter! mostly, it is through our friend we can be defined what kind of person we are!

im sure you are a goodfriend jen..hehe! keep it up!

S-H-Y said...

When it comes to friend for me, it should be no benefits to get but only love and trust to each other. That´s why I have few friend who I can trust and love like they do to me. I hate to built a friendship because of not good benefits like for example "he/she just remember me when she/he need something" I dont like that kind of friendship. Friend can be friend without benefits and I thought it´s better.

teJan said...

exactly! those people who just want you 'because'.. is a user not a friend! like.. because you are rich... because you are famous... because you are pretty...bec.they want something from you! but a real friend are those who will be there for you no matter what! give and take!

S-H-Y said...

That right mah friend..That´s why to have a good friend is always a treasure in our life.

teJan said...

yah! family and friend is a great treasure we can acquire! thats why its hard to find:)

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