1 Jun 2009


Favorite Blog Award

hmmm... yah where else I got this, but from my good friend jenny , shes the only one who gave me so far.. maybe soon others will do the same to me..heheh. It feels so good and I appreciate it!

Well jen, thanks and stay as sweet as you are friend.

By the way, I have also a versatility award for my two good friend jenny and sarah who answer my latest mind twister. sorry girlfriends just got a chance to give this. You know my crazy life so thats it! Anyway here is it! Varsegod!!!
If you are thinking... that shows you have a healthy mind;) Those kind of questions are actually a good exercise to the mind so keep on coming gurl! And that will make you number one! Grattis and I salute you!
As it is being said; "a healthy mind has a healthy life!"


3 readers digest:

Rofes Deportes said...


I saw your web-blog. I think it is excellent. Iam from Cuba, but I live in USA. I would like to changes links. I have 2 blogs...

Ihope you respond soon..




Jenny said...

Girlfriend, thanks for posting this award...Don't worry i will give you everytime i got new...ehhehe..Sköt om dig.

Rofes Deportes said...

Hello, my friend. I just added your blog in my 2 websites...
Please, you forgot add my second blog


I hope U will add it too.

You can check and look your link blogs in my websites.

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