18 Jun 2009

"consider it done!"

"why worry while you can pray?"
I woke up this morning reminded of God answering all my prayers big and small. As I shared in my recent posts, everything that I dreamed of even those that were seems impossible happened and my secret along with 'doing' was pray! Lately, me and my husband talk about our plans for our family and he sounds like what we wants are so away from reality and Im thinking hmm why is that??? all my life been living in hoping and praying and now I got it even more than I wanted! So why not do the same thing???

Here are my prayers;

1. my husbands desire to have that brand new car he wants by october;)- God provides!

2. my plans next term about studies, work and family(to have another child;)a boy,heheh)- God's guidance and direction!

3. our plan to let my mother visit us here in sweden;)-God's will!

4. our long term plan to acquire a house enough to cater friends and family;)- God bless!
Hmm.. these are my new prayers and it feels like God said; " consider it done my child" aheheh Im excited!!! JENEFA;)

4 readers digest:

Dana Telco said...

Hem... God love you.

teJan said...

Yap.. And He loves you too!

S-H-Y said...

There i no imposible if you believe in HIM ^_^.

David Funk said...

I agree with what S-H-Y said. You're deserving of every blessing you get my dear friend!:)

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