13 Jun 2009

The Woman called Janmah;)

"For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you! plans to give you hope and a future!"

says the Lord in Jer. 29:11

My friend jenny lately on her post put a meaning every letter on her name that fits her personality;) And I think she's fun of doing that cause she also tried putting meaning to my name:) which is so sweet of her. I said that because even to my 'friendster' she posted my name with a meaning on every letter..hehe! She's d gurl! Well, for me yah its nice and fun to play with our names:) And we have different story why we got our name as it is. My name according to almanac means "Gods gift". But do you want to know the meaning/story behind my name?
My mother was a christian ever since she was a kid. And she loves Jesus above all things. And so when she got pregnant on her first baby (which is me;) She named me JANETH because she loves
Jesus And Nothing Else more Than Him;) There goes the letters of my name! hmmm... what do you think?? but..
Who really is Janmah?

She' s a woman after God's own heart actually.
She can be your good friend but she could be your bad enemy too.
She live simply full of promises from her best friend.
She's a sweet daughter and a cool sister,
A loving mother and a faithful wife;)
She's a teacher in profession and love children so much!
Traveling and adventure are her passion.
She dont care so much and insensitive sometimes. (hmm bad side maybe:l but she is).
She talk so much but she know also how to listen.
She's straight forward but sweet;)
She was branded as the girl who owns the world's smile on her younger years!
She love to read and write!
And above all, she put her trust to only one..her best friend!

Note: this is dedicated to my new found friends here in the blogger world! Have a good time everyone;)

2 readers digest:

Jenny said...

Yes its fun to put meaning of our name but ofcourse we have are own meaning on our own.

What a nice meaning you have.... Love it...

teJan said...

hehe... its given! thank you! but i also sometimes try to put my own meaning, differently depending on my mood..heheh! like my J, sometimes could be Jolly, Joyful, Jamming, and sometimes Jerk..ahehehe! anyway, yah its fun!

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