18 Jun 2009

play while you work

As I was in the train this morning sitting and reading the Daily Newspaper I found an exciting qoutations that says; (it was in swedish)

"När arbetet är ett nöje,
är livet fyllt av glädje,
När arbetet är en plikt
blir livet ett slaveri!"

Oh well, in English it means.., when you consider your work as pleasure, life becomes full of fun, but when you consider your work as duty, life becomes slavery!

Life here in abroad is so much pressure. The daily routine at home, school, and work.. and the time??? its like we always catching it everyday! Work at home, work at school and jobwork!!!work..work..work! And it tends to slave us already. And so this qoutations is a wake up call for me. It makes me ponder and realized that I already treated my daily routine as my daily duty the reason why it became so hard and tiring! Hmm..thanks for the reminder!

Its not too late, right mate???


9 readers digest:

Dana Telco said...

Agree with you.

julie said...

that your husband?

teJan said...

yah..julie he tried to do the kind of work papa has! heheh. he enjoyed it!

Dorothy L said...

In everything we do we have a choice whether to see it though negative or positive eyes.

To interpret what could be very difficult in a more positive manner always makes it easier hence more enjoyable!

Rossel said...

hi! nice blog you have here, very inspiring. thanks for dopping by my site. added you!

Imelda said...

indeed ur right. hapi friday . .

xander said...

very nice post

teJan said...

dorothy; yah you are right! everything depends on how we react the situation;) thanks!

rossel; thanks and am happy that you appreciate it! i did add you too;)

imelda; have a nice weekend too mah friend

xander; thanks!

onlinemommy said...

very inspiring mommy... thank you for sharing.

thank you din sa pagvisit and comment. I'll add your link too.

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