20 Jun 2009


"After the rain there is sunshine
Behind the clouds is a sun
After the dark night is a bright daylight!"

Today is Sweden's midsummer day!!! and last night they celebrated the "midsummerfest" infact it was holiday yesterday, free from work! hehe. Im really amaze how they put importance on summer time. As in its mr. sun Im talking about! Even the fact that it hides many times from them. Well beacause "sun" means happy:) alive, oppurtunities, luck and all positive things while "rain" means sadness, gloom, darkness, failures!only few situations it means blessings specially for the farmers! but personality wise it is!

But we can anyhow thanks for every weather we have in our lives. I mean both interpretation. By its word, yeah our physical body needs sun and rain, night and day. As well as our emotions and life situation we need all those.. even those negatives for it will makes us strong and wise enough to solve or face every kind of situations/season!

If we are in the darktimes of our lives.. be assured that it will not remain like that.. it is destined to pass and therefore a new day will surely come, the sun shines again!

And if we are of our daylight? be thankful and enjoy every minute of it cause the same thing it will pass also and therefore save it, use it for good and learn in preparation for the night!

Goodluck and Godbless!

6 readers digest:

Carms said...

I love your article very nice

Dana Telecom said...

We can not enjoy light without dark.

Anonymous said...

yah... we need to be in the dark sometimes to let us know that there is light! good comment Dana! thanks Carms!

S-H-Y said...

Midsummer lageh but ulan mn pod hehehe...Ok lng soon gawas lng na c sun bantay lang!mag pa tan jd ko char!

sweet_shelo said...

Nice thoughts there sis.. The darkness is a broad manifestation that it can be overcome by light. Leading us to see that though there is darkness, hope and God's faithfulness will overcome it and brings in the sun..

JETTRO said...

hi jetnah salamat sa pag add
sana..add mo din me sa ym mo etong id ko jetseter20 sana ma add mo ako. take care always

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