24 Sep 2009


I believe that everyone of us has addiction on something. Addiction according to Mr. Webster is used in many contexts to describe an obsession, compulsion, or excessive psychological dependence, such as: drug addiction (e.g. alcoholism), video game addiction, crime, money, work addiction, compulsive overeating, problem gambling, computer addiction, nicotine addiction, etc.

My husband, I can say is a computer game addict;) He was and is addicted to this EQ game online. He found friends from different countries through this game. I don't understand him before and get jealous as if its my rival in his heart:) Even when he bought me a laptop of my own, I thought it was so that I can have my own without bothering him playing.

But now that I am into in this blogging thing..hmmm, it seems I'm already addicted to it! Aside from the fact that I earn money from it, It fills and satisfy my passion on writing and telling stories also. And not only that, I also found new friends here where we can share ideas and lessons in life.Now, I understand my husband,hehe. I can say I'm might be an addict on this because I can't sleep without at least opening my site anymore. And sometimes, it appears even on my dreams:) waaaaaaaaah! Am I an addict? How about you? do you have any addiction? What are you into these days that seems you are obsess into it! Or maybe we are on the same ground! aheheh.
Good day!

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Tetcha said...

I think blogging is a good addiction for as long as we don't neglect our family obligations. Hehe! By the way, I have an award for you.

Clarissa said...

Ewan ko ba kung ba't di ako na-addict dyan sa mga on line games na yan?!I'm fine with blogging kasi marami akong friends sa ere!!^_^

chris said...

I'm also really big into online games...currently playing world of warcraft and Aion. They do require a lot of your time, especially if you want to make it anywhere in game..or not let down your online friends.

The trick is to balance your real life and game life. MMO's are said to be a very healthy thing as long as you keep you real life priorities in check.

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