15 Sep 2009

The coolest gift I ever recieved;)

Last birthday of mine, I received lots and different kinds of gifts. And I love everyone of them. I even received the 'orefors glass' that Ive been wishing for. Not a single one but a set of three. (this kind of glass are little expensive one) wow! Many actually! I will post those gifts in my other blog. Just watch out for it!

But anyway the coolest among all of my gift is the fire extinguisher. Haahah, not only it gave me a good laugh, I also think its really cool! Who could have thought about it? Of all the things we could find for gifts and there's this Swedish man thought it would be good to give a fire extinguisher???

Prior to my birthday, my Filipino friend told me not to laugh on their gift because it was her husband who bought it! Her husband is really cool, he is funny but silent way, like serious-funny??? And he usually give funny gifts. I remember one of our friend's 45th birthday who hates 'eldorado' products, hahahha... you got it!!! Yes! This same man gave the birthday celebrant lots of El dorado products! And we really had a good time of laughing!
Unfortunately, they arrive late during my birthday so they were not there yet during the opening of the gifts. Only me and my husband opened it laugh about it!
Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Laurell and little Hannah!

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Analou and Bones said...

Fire Extinguisher? That's really cool Jan. It also makes me laugh even I am not there during your bday (lol) but on the other side, you really can use it specially during emergency. Well, all I can say is I am happy for you because u have such a nice bday party. take care.

Rossel said...

a very practical gift huh?

shydub said...

That is indeed a funny, silly, weird gift. fire extinguisher, how are you gonna use that jan, ahhh pagsugba ug buwad nya ipapagtong then use thefire ex... lol just kidding.

Cacai M. said...

hehehe.. ooh yeah that's a funny gift Te Jan, heheheh.. but anyway, that would also be a good gift though.. heheh

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