29 Sep 2009

Long day it became!

I suppose to go to work early today so I will finish early too since I have so many backlog to do for my school requirements which to be pass on Wednesday:) Yap I am an 'eleventh hour' kind of person. It seems to me that my mind works good under pressure.

Well, anyway, this morning I hurried away going my way when suddenly I was stuck on looking for my scarf since its already so cold outside which I didn't found it after all. So, even if I ran still I could not catch the train so I dropped by on a certain store cause I'm looking for a boots and luckily I did found one. But then when I was about to pay and suppose get my wallet..my card was not there!!! Oh my goodness, then I remembered I took it out from that bag yesterday together with my train/bus card. Waaaa... luckily there was no bus inspector but I cannot go ahead with my travel without it! That boots can wait but the bus card cannot be! or else I can pay 1200 Swedish crowns as penalty.

Yes! I went back home to get it and the fact that it took me almost 2hours back and fort! Oh! what a long day it became!

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