3 Sep 2009

Hi Guys;)

Halu everyone!! After tonight I might be gone for a while, maybe 2-3 days;) As you know, It was my birthday last monday and 35?? haluuu! we should have a party squared here on that age they said! Ended with 0 and 5 is a must! So, I will be having my 2nd set of party on saturday and then the 3rd one will be on sunday. It means tomorrow will be a buuuuuussssyy day for me. I have to prepare everything so no time blogging..huhuhu.

Anyway, it will be much appreciated if you still keep on visiting me, it will be your best present for me as a birthday blogger's celebrator. aheheh! I promise, to visit back and give my gratitude to all who leaves messages and comments.
See you all guys! And wish me luck!
by the way my Mommy Momments entry will be in Lara Angelikka's site;) See you there and enjoy!
Note again;)
To see the verification on comments, just scroll down the comment box by holding down the edgeline and you will be fine. Thanks for the info, and sorry for that inconvenience! I will fix it later when I'm back! This is just a quick glance before I leave;)..(for a moment) stay close! mmmwaah!

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Oh..not again! what happen?? testing!

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