3 Sep 2009

What it takes to win???

Every tuesday and wednesday these past weeks, the time stops for me;) At 10 o clock in the evening, I should be there in our couch watching the " So You Think U can Dance". even if I have reviews, I will really take a break just for it and even if we were outside visiting or buy groceries, I will be crazy and beg my husband to take me home. I don't want to miss a dance. I don't know but I really like this program.

Yes, i had a bet but my first bet was cut off unexpectedly..hmm she was really good and even the judges thinks the same but why the people did not vote her??? Or was it really for votes? What really takes to win? No,no,no! I'm not sad or angry because my second best wins! She's not that good in the beginning but she grows every time, her dancing and perseverance really can bless.

Why I like this program? because it teaches me many things... Its like our life's journey! I'm blessed everytime they hears critic yet handled it so good. And how they learned every dance in just few days, yet performed verywell. And so, this gave me a positive outlook that in our lives, everything is possible. All we have to do is to have a heart on what we are doing and work on it!

Congratulations Jeanine;)!!!

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