20 Sep 2009

Our new baby is home:)

I don't understand what I feel upon seeing my new little cutie niece's picture who was born just a week ago. As I posted lately that another girl in the family just born on 9/11..heheh prominent date. But then when I talked before with my mother, unfortunately she was not able to give any picture yet.

But today, baby Cara just came home at my parent's house. They will stay there for a while. I can feel how happy my parents are. They put the baby to the camera so we can see her also..oh so cute! The longing to have another one was ignited. Hehe. My husband wants to send a gifts for the baby so I ask my sister-in-law what she wants, either money or things for the baby and she chose things;) So I will start looking for baby's things, accessories and the like so we can send a package as soon as possible;)
Oh...so cute isn't it? Isn't she lovely??? Ahehhe.

Welcome to the family baby Cara Faith Mahusay.

3 readers digest:

S-H-Y said...

Agoy ka cute nlng ni Cara oi, hope to have the same like her ka cute next year hehe..congrats sa imong kuya :P..

Janmah said...

Oh my little one! mmmwaah!

Jenny said...

wowowi ang cute naman...at first kala ko si laikka..heheh parang foriegner din ah...

Ayan tuloy atat na naman ako to have one soon..ehhe

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