18 Sep 2009


This feelings is not fun right??? it could ruin our days. And this is present anywhere,anytime! There are people that are so annoying, and there are things or happenings that annoys you in some way.

I don't easily gets annoyed but lately I am. There's this woman that talks so much and feeling 'all-knowing' always telling me what to do. I already told her that I don't need her unsolicited help, still she keeps on doing it. Sooo...annoying! like a bee:) buzz,buz,buzzzzzzzzz!

And lately, oh! almost feed up! Not so long ago we tranferred to this bigger apartment, and from the time we transferred, it was my first time borrowing books again from our local library. I reserved books which I badly needed for my assignments in school almost two weeks now. They said they will just send me a letter if my books are ready for pick up. But until now, no post comes. So, I starts to wonder and doubts that my mail landed there on our old apartment cause as I remember, my library card detailed information about me was registered long time ago when we were still on that old house. So, possible they address my mail there! huh! So, today, I will go to our library again and will asks and maybe change my registered address there. Huh isn't it annoying???

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S-H-Y said...

sad but it true, i knew girl to that she makes me weak.. :) but anyway that how she is..

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