14 Sep 2009

Another baby girl in the family

I wondered last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday why my family in pinas were offline. All of them:0 We usually talk every weekend, and its the time where we can see each other through the web and reporting and sharing our struggles and victories throughout the week. But this morning finally my mother called and gave me the good news that another angel just born healthy and pretty;) My brother's wife delivered their second baby last Friday September 11:) The baby will be my parent's 3rd grandchild:) And all girls... hmm, they need a boy..aheheh.
Anyway, if in my generation, almost all boys, only girl I was but this time that they got girls maybe it neutralize the longing! For me, I really like girls maybe because I had enough boys! But whatever the sex will be as long as its healthy and complete, it really doesn't matter! All that matter is that we were given another precious gift at home!
Well, congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Ritchie Mahusay and of course to my cutie niece Angel Faith - you will be a good big sister now!!! And welcome to the family dear baby Kara. Gonna send your gifts sooner tomorrow:)

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butterfly said...

ikaw sunod ha...hehehehe

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