25 Sep 2009

Finally bought our new printer!

Since, we already have so many paper works at school and I have no time going out or do it in our school computer room, I beg my husband to buy the printer that he wants. we had our printer before but cannot print for CD/DVD. It was good for me but he wants to buy a new one that has everything on it! So we sent our printer to Philippines for my brother:)

But then, it seemed we forgot it until this week when I want to work out on my school requirements and so we decided to scheduled it yesterday. After few hours of looking and bidding, finally we found the exact printer that we want. That is not only a printer but can print photos, for CD/DVD, have scanner and easy and simple to operate and a good price. Price is very important nowadays;)

Haay, thanks 'älskling', now I can do what I want to do and need to do! I also like the color;)

4 readers digest:

S-H-Y said...

Pa try dayon og print sa ako pic :P he heh he...

Jenny said...

sus imo na jud maprint ang imong mga katago tagong mga pictures..hehehe

Congrats sa new printer niyo... Laikka ser ut jättenyfiken...hehehe

Analou and Bones said...

Good to hear it Jan. I hope the ink cartridge is not as expensive here. Halos ipanghatag ng printer dire pero didto pod ka bawion sa presyo sa ink. Bitaw agree jud ko nimo nga kinahanglan maging frugal ta sa unsay atong paliton.

Bitaw Jan oi. Lain jud akong paminaw ai. Tulo-tolo cge akong sip-on. Mura pod ko dani ug batang yagit.

Clarissa said...

Good to hear about that and congrats to your new printer!!^_^

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