7 Sep 2009

Birthday post!!!

What a great day I had! Everything was just perfect! Everyone were happy! Every wish were answered! I cannot ask for more! I would like to thank everyone!

The detailed stories are in my new site 'CHAPTERS of my LIFE'. There I will post all what had happened on all the celebrations I got from last sunday, saturday and the following sunday! I hope you will also have time to take a look there visits and hopefully be my friends, same as you walk with me here.

Looking forward to see everyone there!
See yah and have a good time everyone!

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egat said...


S-H-Y said...

Grattis igen min kompis :P..

sweet_shelo said...

Oh it was you bday sis??? Happy Happy bday then.. Hope you had the best celebration and God bless you more..

Kero said...

Happy, happy birthday! Good health, great love, and generous wealth wishes for you :)

nancy said...

oi behind ko sa latest dah! naa man diay celebration diri..

Happy Birthday, Jan. all the best to you and your life's wishes!

chubskulit said...

Wow, you really had a blast!

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