11 Sep 2009


Judging others are very typical to everyone. We sometimes or not most of the time judged by the way we dresses up, the way we talks and the way we looks. And it hurts sometimes if we were judged negatively. But unfortunately, its the way it is. We cannot control people or sue by doing that. That is why we have to behave and be what we are being appropriate in everything we do.
There was one time before, one week after my marriage and we went to Cebu,Philippines (one of the big city in Phil. and one of the famous city where many snatches things or robbery is rampant) I was with my husband, and I'm wearing my like-a-diamond silver ring, so funny because one woman told me to take off my diamond ring because its not safe to wear it in that place;). In the other hand, when I was still single and I got this genuine 18k gold earrings from my aunt abroad, but when I wore it many friends asks me where I bought it because it looks like true gold:( Get my point here??? Because I am with a foreigner husband all that I wore must be genuine even if its not, while when I was still an ordinary girl and wearing a genuine one, still it doesn't show like that!
People in all walks of life has pre-judgemental attitude. And I'm so sad lately because one said indirectly that what a pity Filipino women are... they marry foreigners because of poverty, not exactly said like that but it sounds like most Filipina who marries foreigner are those who have no education, poor and working in the club.
It hurts you know... yah of course I did corrected him and in english take note:) (paka-paka ako inengles sa kalagot) aheheh.

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Clarissa said...

Yap,I know how it feels--I'm a former entertainer working in Japan before and married a Japanese.I bought my wedding dress at divisoria and it doesn't look like it's bought from there and guess what?I bought them for only 3,500 pesos!!And when my friends asked for the price of my gown and I said it was 3,500 pesos only,they thought that it was 35,000 thou and that I'm only joking!Akala nila porke nagka-asawa ako ng hapon eh ganun na lang ang tingin nila sa akin!Bakit di ba pwedeng maging kuripot pagdating sa pera kahit na hapon ang asawa mo?Pagna-aalala ko yun,natatawa na lang ako!!^_^

teJan said...

lol..yaahhh! hahaha! typical! thanks clar for reading and commenting my write ups!

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