29 Sep 2009

Once every payday!

Me and my husband used to treat ourselves every Friday when its payday! From the time I came into his life that's our agreement:) Most of the time we ate at the Thai restaurant cause he knows I love Thai food because of the fact that they have almost like Filipino foods. But that was before when I don't have work yet. Most restaurant here will close 6pm and I finish and at least be home late at 7pm already.

As the years go by I thought it will be set aside. We already have so many things to take care of and changes took place. And when it comes to money matter, there are already more priorities than spending it to restaurants. I will be okay on that, no problem with me if that's gonna happen. I'm a practical person myself anyway.

But then last Friday I realized that we are still doing it just without my consciousness. I mean it seems its already our lifestyle. Its just its no longer in the restaurant, sometimes at fast foods like burger king or MC Donald's and sometimes he will buy something good foods, his favorite or my favorite and we ate at home. And most of those times we eat pizza! Last Friday, I forgot, I mean I knew it was his payday but I forgot that there's should be a special dinner so I went out with my aunt in the city and my husband called about the dinner but because I forgot it and I already ate with my two aunts we decided to do it suppose yesterday but he has visitor so finally we did it today!

Oh I'm so full! Soooo big pizza!!! yummy!

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chubskulit said...

ganyan din kami sis, not only on paydays but every weekend.. tamad kasi ako magluto pag weekend so sa labas kami kumakain..

♡ N o r e e n said...

I love Thai! Yum!

ANyways, I know what you mean....I have 3 kids and umiiba talaga priorities.


Rad said...

I do the same thing with breakfast, I treat myself to a nice breakfast on payday mornings and then we order takeout at home.

It's a nice break from the kitchen, and the wife loves it :)

Clarissa said...

Minsan kami din ganyan--minsan na lang kami lumalabas sa mamahaling restaurant.Palagi kasi kaming umaalis every weekend kaya instead na gumastos ng malaki sa isang fancy res,dadalasan na lang namin ang weekend family adventures namin.

That's an extravaggant pizza treat,Jan!!^_^

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