17 Sep 2009

The Godfather!

Here is Sweden, to be a godfather is not just as long as you are in the paper. Its very important and sacred for them. If they are asked to be one, they really will say NO if they think they can't and a YES with so much pleasure if they can. They believe that it means asking them to be a part of the baby's life. They said that its a big and great responsibility so no way of just writing them on the paper without their presence in the ceremony.

My husband became the godfather for the first time. and he was very excited. He was informed and ask 3months before and he always looking forward on it. And so when the time came, he was busy looking something to wear. hahha! We really went out shopping a week before and we were in the church 1hour before the time! Isn't it obvious that he was so excited?
Anyway, the ceremony went so well and everyone were happy and we met new friends:) (his new mare and pare). And a thanksgiving fest afterwards! It was fun!
Congrats honey;)

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Kero said...

wow. Congratulations to your hubby as well. i always think being a god-parent is a hug responsibility :)

shydub said...

Congrats sa hubby mo jan. Sa atin pa yan isang libong ninong at ninang kasi iniisip ang matatanggap ng anak nila during xmas hehehehe. Ang dami kung inaanak sa pinas kaya nagtatago ako pag xmas kasi naniningil tapos wala ng pera kakalakwatsa hehehehe

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