6 Jan 2010

CC # 12 Annoying MOments!

Rodliz’s Nest
Now its Couple's Corner once again! heheh. And the topic can be hard for me which is "The most Annoying/Irritating habit for both".

When I asked my husband what irritates him of me, he can't find one, he said . So I gave him some situations coz he might just so kind not to say the truth..hhahah, or afraid I get upset, we never know! But then all I suggested, he really mark it 'never'. hahha! So this character of him irritates me. waaah!!!

Ok..one thing anyway that irritates him when I moved things from its usual place then when we look for it he can't find it nor can I. I tend to keep things in a good place which I myself can't find it! I'm also annoyed of me being like this.

WEll,well,well... I have few things about my husband that irritates me:)
1.) Maniana habit- he loves the word "la---ter" (maypagka..TyraBanks ni sya) hahah, until he forgot what he supposed to do and will just say..oj,ojoj! Time went fast! huh.

2.) Taking things out and never care to return it to its place!

3.) His direct "I don't know" answer.
I mean, when you ask him of something he don't know, he will directly say "I don't know". It annoys me in the sense that he don't show atleast a try. He is my husband and I believe in him and when I ask him, it don't matters if he knows or not, but by asking it means I need him to help me find the answer or solution. I need him even by just showing effort to try. I wish he will say; "Hmm.. I'm not sure but maybe we can look on internet, or wait a minute, I can check here see if it helps" ..see what I mean? Asking our partners doesn't mean because they are knowledgeable, and has all the capability to answer. It mostly the trust that in any way they can help us!

Hmmm... enjoy guys! happy CC! I'm excited to read yours..here I come! heheh.

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Me said...

halo oj complain ba ni?
itug-an ta ka....

Mom of Four said...

Never put things back? Later? wow, similar to my hubby ah. Kay madalas ako ng mabusit..Later nya, inabot na ng ilang days..

Aba, you never had any habit that irritates him? bilib ako sau.. Hahaha! kapareho kita, kapag nagtago ng isang bagay, di na makita uli, ahahaha! mana ako sa nanay ko..hay!!

Thaks for joining, have a great day!

shydub said...

Akala tayo lang may maniana habits jan tyra bank sd d i imung labidabs hehehe. Tyra banks waaaaaaa. Sus ingon ani na jd siguro ni sila once na inyo na, different sa jowa pa ky mo try ug pa impress karon, aguy bahala na. lol Nice post jan.

RicAdeMus said...

In my house I am the one who puts things away. I sneak into the kitchen and put things away after my wife makes dinner! =)

beakoluvko said...

hay the famous word-LATER kakainis... good for you he cant think of ny habit of you that irritates him...

see you around

mine is also up.

teJan said...

@liz and jenny of bealuv... I have many irritating habits but my husband is not that irritable heheh, his tolerance is more powerful than annoyance...if he didn't find me irritating, its not something about me (myattitude) its something about him...over insensitive..hehe.

Chie Wilks said...

men love using things but don't know how to put the things back in place talaga..but it doesn't bother me kasi i misplace things too..hehehe kataw-anan pud ni iyang later...hantod malimtan na ang buhaton

Mine is here

kathy said...

Hy nahimuot ko'g basa ani tejan... pero bisag unsaon ka-annoying atong mga mister, love ghapon nato noh? hehehehe...

Salamat sa visit and sa comment buntis! hehehe


Genejosh said...

thanks for leaving sweet comments at my entry...yeah, kinukulit ko nga hubby ko what habit of mine does irritate him, di man lang nya masabi...wala daw...he..he...me too, I like to keep things but later i forgot ...good thing hubby is so patient to wait for me kung kanggang kelan ko makita yong gamit nya...

followed you too:)

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