10 Jan 2010

Whew! Chilling!

Aaaahhhh!!! so cold! I did not went out yesterday because of the super cold winter weather this season. And today, I don't want to... but my wanting to go to church wins. My husband and my daughter has to visit my SIL so they just dropped me at the church, but in going home I had to travel by train and the fact that our apartment is 10minutes walk from the station. Ooohhh, I was chilling while walking home! My formal jacket is not that warm and as I said my boots also! huhuhu. Anyway I still arrive alive! lol.

I tried to make a pose last 3kings there at my aunts place for we celebrated the occassion there. They have more snow there like our boots will really get down and be covered with snow as you can see..hahhahah!
Have a great week ahead!!! Godbless and keep smilin' even we're chillin'...hahahha!

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roffe said...

Next week is going to be much milder..Have a great week ahead, you too...

teJan said...

weee..I hope so because next week will be very busy.. our school already starts!!! ohhhuhu.

Maxi said...

Hello Janet! It is my third winter in Sweden now and by far the coldest. Brrr. Yesterday, we were at minus 24 degress Celsius. Today, We are only at minus 10 but is still so cold. Hope it gets warmer tomorrow.

Thanks for sharing your photo! Pretty one!


Bonnie Bonsai said...

Usahay gusto kong makigbaylo ug season. Half-half lang. Enjoy Swedish winter kay nangapagod (sunog) na mi dinhi sa kainit.


I found you in Mama Ko's blog. :)

Glenn Kun said...

hello there mommy tejan! hehe. Nakakatuwa naman na friend kita ^^...\\\
wow snow. huhuh. Inggit me. :]
ganda tlga ng snow. malamig ba? heheh

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